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Graduated from SFSU in 2004 with a degree in Opera and Theatre. He came to NYC in 2005 to follow in his grandfather's footsteps as a professional performer. He was a bartender and did indy theatre for years and booked small roles on the New York soaps before booking his first Broadway show, Big Fish, in 2013. After that, he began booking guest star roles in TV, including Person of Interest, Elementary, The Path, and YOU. He also was cast as a dancing, singing pirate in NBC's Peter Pan, Live!

Soon after, he made contacts in the NY anime world and booked his first VA jobs for Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon. He then landed the roles of both Grimlock and Shockwave when the new Transformers: Cyberverse was being created. He is now a professional dub artist for multiple cartoons and anime, as well as voices for video games. He also has professional dub credits in foreign live action films, including The 800 and Nelly Rapp.





Currently, he is back onstage working on a brand new musical called Other World, designed by the WETA workshop, which will be coming to Broadway in 2022/23.

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