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"Ryan Andes, instantly likeable" 

"Is lots and lots of amusing bravado."
-Broadway World

"Droll and deep-voiced..."
-Chicago on the Aisle

"A friendly giant...resonant-voiced."
-USA Today

"...deft bit of stiltwork and basso profundo."
-New York Magazine

Who am I?

Hey!  I'm Ryan Andes, a professional actor - voice artist - designer - craftsman based in New York.


I was born in the hills above Malibu, CA just after midnight on a full moon in my parent's small house.  My Dad took me outside on my first night in the world and said he could see the moon reflecting on my tiny face.  Even at the beginning, I was born to shine.  My sister Rachel was born in the same house just sixteen months later.  

I come from a long line of performers and artists.  Grandpa Keith Andes made a name for himself on Broadway as Alfred Drake's replacement in the original Kiss Me, Kate (1949),  before making his way to Hollywood to star in Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, and even more Broadway. 

Dad and Uncle, Matt & Mark Andes, are rock musicians who became known for founding and playing in bands like Jo Jo Gunne, Spirit, Firefall, and Heart.  Dad is also a fine artist who specializes in painting, woodworking, sculpture, and pretty much damn near anything he sets his mind to. 

Thanks to Grandpa Keith's encouragement and Mom's willingness to drive me to class & rehearsals, theater, acting, improv and singing became passions at a tender young age.  The family moved to Philly when I was in elementary school where I studied music and did theater, musicals, and got into lots of trouble for being a disruptive goofball. 

Somehow I made it into college (SFSU) and got degrees in Opera and Theatre, and afterwards found my way to the City that Never Sleeps.  I was determined to follow in Grandpa's footsteps and make it to Broadway, which I did as Karl the Giant in Big Fish in 2013.   Amazingly, my debut happened at the Neil Simon Theater, upon the same stage that Grandpa performed as Joe Dynamite in Wildcat with Lucille Ball in 1960.  

I got into VO in my early NYC days and that has become something I just freakin love.  Animation, dubbing, commercials, narration, video games, industrials, live event announcing, you name it, I'm into it.  Also found my way in front of the camera on some TV roles (YOU, The Path, Person of Interest). 

The craftsman bug came from my Dad, and I started my own business handmaking high quality jewelry, custom metal hardware, and long-haul leather goods.  Feel free to check it out - Finely Wrought.  

Thanks for stickin around!  If you wanna keep up with me, check out my news page for the latest, or click below.


Video Games


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TV / Film

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Abstract Texture_edited.jpg


Finely Wrought

Crafting handmade goods ain’t easy. Cutting leather, punching stitching holes, hand peening brass rivets, stitching - all these things take time and effort, not to mention the wear and tear on hands and joints. But the resulting quality, when done right with good tools, is always worthwhile.
Stitching isn’t my favorite thing. It takes a staggering amount of time compared to using a machine. But the difference is palpable. In an effort to increase production time, I picked up a Tippmann Boss hand stitching machine. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, but for me it never quite delivered the quality I wanted. So I sold it.
I’ve gone back to hand punching my holes and stitching by hand, using proper tools and better thread, which makes the job a lot less cumbersome.

Website under Construction

Please check back soon for more! 

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